Who will Drive your Future- Electric or Hybrid

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Which one to choose- electric or Hybrid Car
Which one to choose- electric or Hybrid Car

If you will note from reports of most of the Auto shows, the trends is clearly taht most of the Big auto makers are trying hard to replace gasoline engines. While Toyota and GM have palced their bet on Hybrids , Renault, Nissan and Honda are quite positive on eletric cars. The Industry regualations are also in favor of chucking gaoline engine to save the oil bills.

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The acceptabilty of technologies is going to be driven by various factors like type of use, Max speed requirement, comfort and more importantly price. The electric cars have advantages in terms of simplicity of design, better cost structure but are limited by constraints as speed, power and distance covered.  The lithium ion batteries are expensive and overheat causing safety related issues. [ad name=”Links for Post”] The infrastucture to charge or replace batteries is still not available.

Hybrids on the other hand are have advantage of speed, accelaration and distance coverage however are complicated to design and higher cost structure.[ad name=”Bottom_LetterBoard”]


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  1. sgupta

    In this post I have mentioned GM has chucked away concept of eletric cars. That’s not enetirly true, GM has been colaborating with various companies to be present in electric space, however they are more in personal transporation category meant for urban commutation.  As I have read GM has been collaborating with Reva – Indian electirc car manufacturer and Segway.

    More details on Reva and Segway can be followed on these links

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