Quiz Corporate Slogan Part -2

New set of questions on Corporate Slogans- test your wits Now…

Which company used the slogan "Breakfast for the champions" in 1935, and incidentlly there is famous book published in 1973 by same name

The lion leaps from strength to strength- This slogan was used by a famous car company in 1980s

Put a tiger in your tank- Name the company that uses this slogan

Think Different - This a famous slogan used by a well known computer and electronics company. Name the one

In touch with tommorow- This tag line is used by which of the following famous electronics company

Empowering People- This tag line is used by which of the following famous laptop manufacturer

We try Harder - Very Famous tag line from which company

The best seat in the house- Which company has used/uses this tagline

Which charity/Help mission uses this tagline- The greatest tragedy is indifference

WHich company uses/used the following tag line - Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven

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