About me

Thanks for visiting this page. I would be really happy to hear from you about your thoughts on this blog, subjects I should write on, make social connections and tickle me on the intellectual side

My graduation in mechanical engineering was never a big inspiration to draw in the engineering field, However, I was always interested in design aspects. I have stayed mostly in India and UK (London, Reading, Slough), have visited many other places in the world and have worked mainly for US, Europe and Middle East markets. This has helped me understand on how people work, think and move socially. Though my job has been most of the time in marketing working with startups, retails and manufacturing, Drawing, Painting and sketching has been my favorite pastime.

While I am a management graduate, I do code sometimes. This gives me better perspective to see the technology of the business. I am a pro in digital marketing and actively follow that subject.

This blog in a way, represents both aspects of my job and interest. When I started this blog in 2006, I had planned to keep it for personal stuff; over a period it has also become a medium to express my view on various topics. So I would get articles on Business, Brands, Marketing, Technology, Sales and Philosophy (Gandhism in marketing etc.). You can find link to all my posts over here>>> Click Here

I also have interest in Yoga and table tennis. I represented for Table Tennis team that played at State level in India.

Message me anytime for advice sessions, discussions, or for any other career-related questions.