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Thanks for visiting this page.I hope you would have got some time to explore the pages of this blog and you would already made some opinions about me. I would be really happy to hear from you, your thoughts on this blog, subjects I should write on, make social connections and tickle me on intellectual side.

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My graduation in mechanical engineering was never a big inspiration to draw in the engineering field, However, I was always interested in design aspects. I have worked mostly in India and Europe but have visited many other places in the world. That made me understand on how people work, think and move socially. Though my job has been most of the time in ICT (Information, communication and technology) planning and building enterprise application. Drawing, Painting and sketching has been my favorite pastime. For last 3 years of so, I have been dabbling in tech startup trying to build in something meaningful in educational analytics side.

While I am a management graduate, I do code sometime. This give me better perspective to see the technology of the business. I am a pro in digital marketing and actively follow that subject.

This blog in a way represent both aspects of my job and interest and started this blog in 2006. First with Blogger, then sub domain of and now as a dedicated hosted account. I used my skill to build and launch this blog and use this as a medium to express my views on subjects I feel comfortable with. You would have found articles on the Business, Brands, Marketing, Technology, Sales and Philosophy (Gandhism in marketing etc.). You can find link to all my post over here>>> Click Here

I also have interest in Yoga and table tennis. I represented for Table Tennis team that played at State level (similar county in UK).

If you would like to look at my photo, here is a recent one

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I started my blogging journey some 15 years back, first version was a small website with geocities, one early free platform to build personal websites. I experimented with html and small bits of java codes. Not satified with the limitation, I migrated to, it was way better with clean interface, much easier and I can use my custom domain as well.

Then came wordpress version 1, it chanaged the game, before that I also tried typepad, drupal and joomala, all were LAMP platforms, though they were good, but making db connection was tedious . But wordpress was super easy, feature rich, with lots flexibility with plugin and time saving. I did had my share of problems with website being hacked couple of time, but the platform is much solid now. All this experience helped me learn how technology can make life of a blogger easier. There is only one limitation to your imagination: TIME. Happy to get in your comments on my posts.

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Some of my work with watercolor and pencil are included over here.

Kathakalli Dancers
A cottage in a Jungle- Water color Painting by Sudeep Gupta
A spring landscape of the the Barn

You can also check this gallery that consist of all the drawing and painting made in last few years Click here

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