Control over digital age and launch of USCybercom

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In last 3 decades the growth in cyber space is astonishing, it has surpassed all the figures of earlier revolutions. It has become such a influence that it is casting its shawdow as strategic resource not only for business but also for the nations. The US action of establishing a 5th Military command as USCYbercom is a new chapter in the digital age and I consider it as significant step in this century? If we note some recent incidences related to hacking of Chinese hackers into google server or stand taken by nations on blackberry messengers encryption. It all pointing towards a bigger alignment.  The might of the Nuclear bomb or F16 (say muscle power) will NOT hold the ground, those with brain power will rule the rooster.   US has today over 4000 military installation across the globe. There is an enormous amount of information flow control of the same is vital for strategic control

[ad name=”Links for Post”] to wield power in Geopolitics. More than military it is the business which can get effected by onslaught of the cybercrime or do I say cyberwar.  So next super pwer would be one which has best digital asset rather than those that have the best submarines, fighter jets or plane carriers. US corporations including Microsoft, Google, Oracle etc. control over 75 % of the digital trade. And US is leading the way but I am sure other will follow or may be already started on the path. How can it make a difference to the business, in multiple ways. The companies may want the data the of their citizens resting in the servers located in country and the negotiations for business deals may be centered on the location of data center. It has already happened in the case of Blackberry messengers where nations have demanded the Canadian company the access to data or blocked out. May be in future the boundaries of the nation will not be based on Rivers or Mountains but by the location of data centers.

So may in future the speed, access and avaiability of data will be the defining parameters for the Geopolictics. The cold war will not be based on nuclear arsenal but the capability to break into the systems and break the encryption to distrupt the systems that can cause havoc and bring down nation on click.

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