Northrop Grumman drains EADS hopes

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Cartoon Strip-1I am sure that Northrop Grumman decision to not take take part in US defense KC-X program has drained all the hopes of EADS to make its account black again. EADS can’t go alone and have wasted last 5 years efforts to get into this program. The technical reason cited by Northrop is the US defense preference is for smaller aircrafts bases of 737 Boeing design.

Was this the only reason or Perhaps the most important reason?

Or Perhaps there were other Considerations? It can be one or more of either of these one

> Probably Boeing as a supplier creates more jobs for American Economy.

Did Northrop Grumman did right thing by not participating in U.S. Air Force KC-X Contract?

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> Or Northrop Grumman really serious about the Shareholder value than just revenue growth#

> US based Bowing doesn’t want European Giant EADS to prosper and have managed to check the competition by making hole in their balance sheet bigger. This year EADS suffered loss of 763 million EUR.

On Funny side

> May US is not planning for any more big wars.. so they don’t need big tankers to fill many fighter in air

> May be US defense is bored with the KC-135 A design based on A330, so they want to try new design. This will also generate lots of jobs for creating warehouses for keeping many more non-compatible spare parts. May be a good change for the Pilots as well, after all small cars in fashion now a days, why not in Air


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  3. Nolan Debrito

    After spending 8 year in the Air Force I can honestly say this is the best Country ever. I am grateful for the opportunity to protect our nation.

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