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Dr. Seuss cat-z in business

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Dr. Seuss- Cat in the Hat
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If you would have read the children book on Dr. Seuss “The Cat in the Hat” and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” about the mischievous cat, wearing a tall, red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. I am sure it is a story nobody will forget lifetime. I see some similarities in today’s business, there are guys who went out of company or executive roles and came back to accomplish the mission. And they did!

In the book “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” the little cat messes up the whole thing as cats A removes the Hat, CAT B comes out and as CAT B removes the hat Cat C comes out and it goes on. Finally the last cats take out the CAT Z which vooms aways all the Cats and cleans up all the mess by a magic.

Similar is the case of Starbucks and earlier with Apple. When Howard Schultz moved out of executive roles, Starbucks expanded itself too thin. The coffee experience was commoditised, a slow economy didn’t helped either. Starbucks suffered growth in sales due the low price alternatives from McDonald and Dunkin’ Donuts. Chairman Howard Schultz returned back to executive roles. Similarly Steve Jobs was ousted from the Apple Inc. in 195 latter to be called back in 1996.

Both the stories have marked similarities Schultz and Jobs as “Cat Z” coming back to their respective companies and making a mark in the business.

So what is CAT-Z in business?  I would say the chap who did come back and bails the enterprise on the way to magical growth.

What were the qualities that helped them do so. I think it is love and affinity they had for their customers, good understanding of business and ability to work in teams and see a larger picture of the world. They had the ability to dream, dream something that would be specail for their customers and build an experience that is so different yet so lovable.

Do you know other? Why not mention them in the comments.

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