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This Book is about passion in work, this man Ray Kroc bulit a large corporation. Basically it boils down to persistence, attention to details and consistent effort for a long time. What it also comes out he was able to use his team in a effective way, take advantage of financial strength of his network, bankers and suppliers
A must read as a part of management books where Jim Collins and Jerry Porras have studied the successful corporations and tried to answer “what makes the truly exceptional companies different from the other companies?”
One of best self help books I would recommend. Easy and natural to apply some of the ideas in practical everyday life. A book with a lot of examples, including many of good folks from the history
Again one of my favorite, here author has used a story some key management concepts of process improvements. The story is about a plant manager, Alex Rogo, whose plant and marriage are going downhill. He finds himself in the unenviable position of having ninety days in which to save his plant
I liked the way this book is writtern, over all a good book to read. There is lot of emphasis on intelligence other than IQ, it can be a good book if you children at home. Overall I would rate OK, it is not something that will help you in short run
I really liked this book, not because I like cadbury chocolates but because we always like to hear the stories of our favorite brand. This book is fasinating as it talks about how Cadbury rise was linked to growth in British Empire and how the brand grew extensivly using TV as advertising platform. It also talks about the Purple color etc. I would definitely recommend this books, perhaps it was even more special as we visited the Cadbury Chocolate factory in UK

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