Concept of Salesatpar

I have been in Sales for last so many years and experience in the field taught me quite a few lesson. This phrase “Sales at Par” was in my mind for long time so when I launched my blog, it was natural choice.

The thought process for SALES AT PAR goes like this

How should the sales process be that it should result in 100 % Satisfaction of Customer and Seller. The process of making deal is sometime complex, slow and variable. At times it is fast and easy. However, the experience one goes in making deal makes an impact for the future success in making deal with the same person or organization.

I know asking for 100 % is asking for 100 % perfection and thats why I preferred the word “at par”.

A Sales process in total involves many steps with different stakeholder at different steps. The objective of the sales process is to achieve goal of 100 % to make the sales repeatable and forge the relationship which goes beyond striking deal.

This involves many variables involving functions of marketing, environmental variable where sales happens and various cognitive factors involving the stakeholders. Hence my effort in this blog is to talk and discuss about these factors involving the socio-political scenes, some new dimension of sales and marketing, also new technologies in sales function.

I would be happy to include your enlightened thoughts related to the above mentioned subjects. If you feel to contribute please let me know, I can send an invitation to you as an author.