Social Mobile Apps: Will they be a game changer in Indian General Elections 2014

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Social Mobile apps is now INTHING in world of smartphone, I am sure if you are reading this blog you might be aware of SMA (Social Mobile Apps). Yes, the small piece of software that your installed (or was pre-installed) in your smartphone that connects your to various well known networks facebook, linkedin, google etc.

Can SMA be really a game changer, do people are comfortable doing something meaningful with apps rather than playing games and getting friends updates. I do feel YES, they can change the game of Indian polity if Youth comes forward. Today’s youth is looking for

1. A prosperous future ( A policy making body made of capable people who can take correct and quick decisions to make future of India)
2. A secure Country ( A politically stable, confident nation ready to taken on anyone who plays with our dignity)
3. Good Governance ( Make good use of our taxable income and deliver goods in terms of road, water, electricity etc.)

We all agree there is huge poplulation (look at the Infographic) mostly youth that will join electoral system, but the big questions is

> Are they motivated to vote for Good Politics using Mobile Apps.

I feel when push comes to shoves, today’s youth will take up Social Mobile Apps, it will all depend on the enabling factors. There are couple of factors that inhibit someone especially young and first time voter to vote like no information on the candidates background, lack of awareness of community need or simply it is fashionable NOT to vote. These factors are easier to point but to execute them to draw voters is humongous task. 

Internet particularly mobile internet can come handy in this task. Social Mobile Apps can bridge that information and connectivity gaps for large audience with small effort and cost. You may be asking HOW is that possible?

Using these small but effective steps

1. Information exchgange: Use the mobile apps to highlight the background of the candidate, this can help people know candidates good or bad deeds, his/her qualifiaction and his/her following in the local community. This information can be commented, shared and can have elements of trends to make it more engaging . This sets the conversation rolling with a wider audience. This will help inspire the youth and general public to aspire for good candidates who are willing to work rather then just to be in post for power

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2. Accesibility: The Social mobile apss can be very effective to bridge the gap of accessibility where consituteny are very large oir far-off people working in remote locations. The Apps can also act like an assistant to candidates to hear from and reply to wider audience presenting his case for better chances in next poll. If there is a way of authentication voting can also be done, however I think that a possibility on Election Comission can work on. If I can think loud a electroinic voting machine on smartphone, WoW

3. The sentiments- Social Mobile apps can be very effective to gauge the sentiments and mood of the area in the constituency for a specific issue sending a strong signal of the action to be takes. With the power of connected internet both bad and good news travel very fast. People make their minds based on photos, comments and trends. This is good for existing representative as well as voters, while candidate gets a chance to take action voters can show their power.

4. Yeh Dil Mange More:– Today’s youth want more, they want better road, better jobs, better car, better lives and above all better governance. They want to change the world and know power is in their hands, they want to click enter button to change the game.

Social Mobile Apps can bring in transparency, accountability and Speed that what today’s Indian youth is looking for in Indian Political System.

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