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New dimension of luxury retail in India: e-Retailing

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Luxury retail is a new arena in India in the emerging retail scenario. Luxury business has always been high margin, low volume business. India with its burgeoning economy and growing rapidly at the rate of 9 % per annum is attracting luxury retailers of the world.

However, Indian customer for luxury items are as enigmatic as ever. There was a recent news of Wife of one of the richest India industrialist chose to source  finest china crockery from Sri Lanka rather than India for her Rs. 1 billion Rs house as they were tad less pricier. This a good example of Indian mindset and I see nothing wrong in it.

I think an Indian luxury customer looks for Creativity, Differentiators a luxury brand brings, Value for money (read highest Quality and differentiation at the price point) and customer service. While total numbers high net worth individuals in India is going to surpass 200,000 millionaires with an average India customers aspiring to own a Luxury brand some key problems related to Luxury retail remains very evident.

The biggest issue remains the infrastructure. I am sure none of us would like to have a luxury shopping experience starting with a road covered with pot holes, passing through a streets strewn with garbage and slums just across a posh location. I guess this is the reason most of luxury shops are today located in the five star hotels, Airports or in malls. Problems to such locations is people do visit these places very often and there is a feeling the higher prices is because location of these shops rather than product attributes. Also since the brands are spread into many locations this does not give chance to buyer to compare and shop, unlike in some places of Europe where there is single street full of luxury brands.

The Luxury retailing in India is still in infancy and most of customers like me like to experiment and try out several brands before deciding which one if for them. While reading across the various luxury brands and channels to shop them I came across….

A name I just discovered. So what is QVENDO, it is private shopping club which opens the gates for Western Fashion and Accessories. Interstingly since it is online venture we get to know and shop the brands that are quite popular in west but still not available in India. To indulge myself I did tried the website and registering myself and even added the products I wished to buy in shopping cart.

Check out the items I selected for myself.

Recently seen Shahrukh and Kareena sporing True Religion  brand. So I guess will go this brand as for it is brand in trend today

True Religion Long Sleeve Horse Shoe Shirt from Qvendo.com
True Religion Jeans from Qvendo.com

Also Luis Trenker awakened the sport mans and sporty soul of mine, made a selection of few items from this brand.

Luis Trenker Blazer Sandro Black Men from Qvendo.com
Luis Trenker Shirt Heini Red/ White Plaid Men
Luis Trenker Belt Franco Brown Men from qvendo.com
Luis Trenker Shoe Axel Brown Men
Luis Trenker Shoe Axel Brown Men from qvendo.com

I have been always fascinated with snow coated peaks of mountains and Luis Trenker being a mountaineer has a special appeal for me

Also topped it up with

  • Replay Gents Watch - RX5401AH
    Replay Gents Watch – RX5401AH from qvendo.com

The list given above is quite representative of wardrobe for casual dressing of a cosmopolitan man. What I liked by QVENDO is no hassle for moving out in potholed road, available 24 hours a day and fact that there is a good discount and delivery is insured till the door it gives a sense of relief.

If you are intrested to be part of this club, you can use my special invite click here

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