How to design for superior customer experiences

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Superior Cusotmer ExperienceI am sure many times when you are at a restaurant and inspite of repeated reminders the waiters doesn’t get you the order as you ordered or It ever happened to you that you bought a big expensive TV that went kaput in 2 days and the call center kept you waiting for next 2 weeks with no one to pay heed to your complaint.

We always ask a Question- Does this company really bothers for their customer? and perhaps decide never to buy this brand in future.

No company will want to land-up in this situation. Lets look at this figure.

With superior customer an organisation can

  • Increase 25 % of it’s revenues by reducing 5 % of its customer turnover
  • 50 % more chance of a customer to buy a brand if he referred by someone of positive experience
  • 50% less time is required to close a sale for a repeat customer

All good, but how an organisation makes sure to deliver the superior customer experiences. These superior customer experinces are the outcome of the organisational design and operational performance of customer facing team, it might be a sales person, an accountant, HR manager or even the receptionist. All the members of the organisation who interact with the outside world of organisation.


If you will work JUST for MONEY, but if you love what you are doing and you always put customers first, SUCCESS will be yours

— Ray Croc- Founder of McDonals

I would sumarsise all the factors in 3 letters – I S F- (Information Repository, Smooth Transition, Feedback Loop)

  • 1. Establish a Information Repositiory: There are 2 key type of information at very generic level
    • a. Information about your company that person outside your organisation need to know
    • b. Information about your customers that your eomplyees or customers need to know
  • 2. Build in smooth transitions in organisation
    • a. Organisation processes

When an outsider is dealing with different departments of your organisation they should get an expereince of oneness, for ex. A supplier should have smooth expereince when dealing with Administration or Finance department, this can happen only when correct information is available all the time and responsbilities as well as accountability have been fixed appropriately. Smilarly a customer should not be kept waiting for the want of information or decision. Most of us acknowledge things go wrong, matters become worse when no action happens on the same.

    • b. Empower your frontline employees- If your front facing employees are smart and empowered to take quick decision, they will be able to resolve the problems there itself
    • c. Empower your customer– Provide multiple channels and space of interaction it can be online or offline. Make sure they can speak to your organisation through phone, internet, letters, suggestions etc. Give them confidence to speak frankly to YOUR ORGANISATION, so that you are first person to listen his words
  • 3. Last but not least: Make a feedback loop in the organisation, make sure the complaints are acted on and suggestions from both inside and outside the organisation are included in the work processes. 

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