Some truths about bad and good attitude of service staffs

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Good and Bad Attitude of Service StaffIn a service business like restaurant, saloon or childcare a lot depend on the front end service folks. Their good or bad attitude toward a service or client can totally make or break the brand of a service or product.

But HOW DO YOU KNOW some has a good or bad attitude. Is there a simple checklist or way to figure out easily.

Well there is, here are simple questions you need to ask or observe to your front end employees Normally a person with a good attitude will be

  1. A happy soul, generally smiling
  2. Works hard and enjoys it
  3. Knows things go wrongs, does’s look reasons to blame
  4. Is eager to help and comes forward to ask
  5. Looks for ways to solve problem rather complain about system
  6. Is flexible for change

So is that a good attitude is not about saying anything negative or complaining. No it is not, a service staff will do complain but will not point fingers and will say with lots of affirmation highlighting changes required

Some key things to look in a person with Bad Attitude

  • The first and most important- A person with bad attitude never listens ( Listen is an important word).
    1. They may have very regards about their own opinions so they hear words but not accept in their mental framework
    2. There is only one way, that is my way- So they may not listen
    3. They just keep talking explaining their feeling and reasons for the action (monopolise the conversation)
    4. Always thinking how to reply even when the other person has just started conversation
  • They may come across with low confidence and will take it very personally when customers will complain
  • Sometime they also have pre-notions of being always right, know everything and are smartest in the team
  • The person with bad attitude will complain a lot, point fingers on team mates or company systems
  • And finally they will present themselves as helpless, victim of system or circumstances

What should be done with a service agent with bad attitude

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