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Best soft skills to master the customer service

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Soft Skills for great customer serviceHere is the list of the key soft skills to master the customer service,

  1. Active listening: The most important of all the soft skills is active listening. Understanding the problem and situation customer is in and purpose of the reaching to customer service point is key and first step to solve the problem or need of the customer
  2. Being Positive: The 2nd most important skill is to be positive. Whatever the case may be positive words, posture and attitude will solve the problem quickly and disarm the customer. Not using positive language gives the impression to customer the service agent or employee is not ready to buy or listen to his or her pain points
  3. Patience & Self control :- Many a time the situation is worsened as a employee jumps to conclusion and proclaim a solution or solution not being possible. In both cases, the situation can go out of hand. If the employee is patient to listen and have a self control to give positive gestures and words, sometime the customer themselves will give solution or wait for the solution
  4. Flexibility: Giving a personalized solution to solve the problem is key to customer services. If the systems can bring in flexibility and employee has a trait of being flexible it makes a lots of difference. For e.g. if an employee extend the shift for 10 -1 5 min to solve the problem in hand it makes a great impact on the customer
  5. Persuasive speaking- Ability of being soft and same time being persuasive is a great skill that makes a great leader. In such a manner customer service agent may divert the customer to a solution that is acceptable to customer and easier for the company
  6. Time Management– It is key to manage the time with proper distribution of the time efforts to the variety cases. The cases that are frequent can be managed with the standard solutions while those are one off should get more time attention to be solved in the fixed time frame. The delay in handling cases is one of the major factor the client dissatisfaction
  7. Decision Making- Ability of a customer service agent to take quick and right decision within the framework provided by company is a key asset for solving the customers problem quickly. Customer service agent should be capable to decide which complaints needs to be escalated and followed up for quick resolutions
  8. Self Motivation and Teamwork skills: The customer service has lots of negative aspects, as maximum customer reach the customer service desk only when they have a problem. Self motivation of the customer service agents is best and one of key aspects of an excellent customer service response. A good team can help to keep the team self motivated, team members can help each other in the time of need and can help to create the feeling of belonging.
  9. Creativity: The creativity can be a very good help in solving the complicated problems and dealing with difficult clients. The frontline ingenuity can be great help in getting a good brand recognition for the company products and services

Here are some positive sentences that can be of great help

  • Rather saying let me look into that – Say- Let me do some search on your account and I will come back with a solution in X hrs b. Rather to Say Plain No- Say – Here is a similar product or solution, will this work for you
  • Rather to say “You are wrong or your information is not correct” – As per our records the information is as follows
  • Rather to say “There has been a miscommunication” it is better to say- We misunderstood your request, let me try to fix it
  • I am sorry – Rather it is better to say – Sorry you had this experience, but hold on I will make it right now
  • I don’t have any record – it is better to say- Did someone ordered on your behelf or did you ordered by some other details of email id and phone no.
  • I am not allowed to do so or I can’t take that decision- it is better to say- let me check with my supervisor or manager to come up with a solution for the same

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