Being smart in new society and earning extra

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Cartoon strip shift in Indian Society

The above strip may read hilarious but it has a strong message highlighting shift in our society.

The gentleman shown in strip is caught between the increasing demands at workplace, uncertainty of job and providing a helping hand at home.

At one end where pace of life has become very fast at the other end regular hassles of daily life remains the same. The middle class household face the same challenge of cleaning and  managing the house along with children with less available time and less certain resources. Time is Scarce commodity today. How does today’s family handle the pressures when both partners are working, less certainty of domestic help front and more certainty for increase in time spend on travel?

AUTOMATION- Many families are now shifting towards automation, this saves time and reduces dependency. Washing Machines, Food Processor, Vacuum Cleaners etc. are must in today’s household purchasing list.

I see a shift in the way we live and spend our time. Today we depend more on electricity and ecosystems that drive these machines. As the automation is increasing there is a need of consumables that are fit for these machines. FMCG companies have responded to these needs by launching new products that suits to the requirement of this segment.

Some brands are facilitating this shift by providing extensions to the brands. This approach assures the reliability of old brand and advantage of features of new product. I find Surf Excel Matic a perfect to this example.

It is important not only to ” WORK HARD” but also WORK SMART” to save time and spend it to live life.

2 extra hours in a day may look small, but that makes 14 hours a week, 56 Hours in a month and 672 hours a year. That makes 28 days almost a month time. It is quite a lot. And surprisingly just 2 hours a day doesn’t look that big. Thank God, I didn’t considered my left on life years.

If being smart I save 2 extra hours, what I will do?

To start with I will go in to spend more time with my kids encouraging them to Paint and spoil on those canvas and dresses while they learn. I will read some good books to my kids during bedtime. That extra half hour during bedtime will be best time when I can give values that make them better citizens of tomorrow. And off-course, an extra half hour with my better half in the kitchen to give that extra touch to  a special dinner.

May be the time which I used to save for my kids n family for weekend we  can together  can explore possibilities to touch other lives just across the street. May be some Ram, Shyam, Geeta or Sita may need a lesson we learned or some other help in other walks of life.

If you have 2 extra hours a day, how you will spend extra hours?

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What do you think, you will do, when you save time by being smart? Will wait to hear from you.

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  1. Awesome post. Best of Luck. Do check out my post too and vote if you like it

  2. I have voted for playing with the kids, dude, excellent post. the cartoon strip simply rocks.
    best wishes.

  3. Raghu

    This is very true in today’s life really liked your post.

  4. Vandana

    Nice post, However like to point out the vote system is not working. I tried in Chrome. The one that is in side bar is working. Please check.

  5. sgupta

    Thanks Pramod and Varun. This boost my morale to include more

  6. sgupta

    Vandana Thanks for letting me know, will try to get this sorted. Meanwhile keep visit this blog.

  7. shilpi

    Very nice Article..Your style of holding reader is brilliant. Looking forward for more articles.

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