Knowledge or Creativity- Which is more important

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[singlepic id=77 w=300 h=224 mode=watermark  float=left] They say knowledge builds on knowledge. The knowledge itself is built from imagination and critical thoughts. We need many ideas, even the ones that aren’t obvious. And we ought to correct ourselves to get rid of flaws. With these component of ideas and criticism, we can improve our knowledge and learn new things. A good academic campus provides that environment.

From the given below  quotes as I can collect – Rich Knowledge Base and Knowledge accumulation process removes the ignorance. There is a vital link as well, rich knowledge base gives once chance to enrich his mind removing ignorance and in the process, learning techniques and information that exist. The knowledge accumulation process allows to use one’s creativity of his/her mind to enrich oneself as well as the society where they contribute. With knowledge we can reaffirm our belief and can remove the evils of ignorance.

I feel a good academic institute has that treasures were students can dive in, to pick-up the right knowledge and churn it with their creativity to make a mark in this world. It gives you a platform to fulfil your dream.

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven – William Shakespeare

“The richer the knowledge base, the more smoothly and effectively cognitive processes — the very ones that teachers target — perate,” notes University of Virginia cognitive scientist Daniel T. Willingham. “So, the more knowledge students accumulate the smarter they become.”

The question why knowledge is distinctively valuable has an important historical precedent also, as in Plato’s Meno in which Socrates raises the question of why knowledge is more valuable than mere true belief.

I had always this in my mind; is knowledge more important or creativity. I guess knowledge do exist to have an extra lever in this era of intelligence, but creativity is long lasting. Creativity makes the knowledge beautiful, it make it simple and usable. May this is one of the reason, If I ever get a change, I aspire to go for course in fine arts. Obvious question can be where and what kind of course.

While I was in UK, I had chance to visit the universities in London, Oxford, Cambridge etc. and it was a chance to see what a difference it can make, to the students aptitude, when they are with global students and in world class infrastructure. The faculty and a history of of these institutes in any field of academics to is also something to talk about. While moving on the memory lane, i came across this website (, while I was just browsing through I didn’t realises about by ignorance to very many facts of British Education System. Like UK has some of best universities, it also very acclaimed for research and best of all it has built institutions in art and culture talk about Royal Academy of Arts, Slade School or Camberwell.

I cherish would be able to take Painting classes in Creative, arts and design Course at Camberwell College of Arts from University of arts, London. They say dreams come true when you strive for, AMEN

Does a good academic institute makes a difference to student or its Vice Versa

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