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Comic Strip-A trip to Hospital

The condition of Harish was serious at-least I thought so, as I just got to know he was in hospital for last 6 days. While I was in lift and exchanging nicities with Rita (Harish’s Wife) I got to know, Harish is back from Bombay and is admitted to the hospital for last 5-6 days. When asked, she was not sure as what has happened to him; doctors were still to diagnose the ailment. She looked pale as if her world has been set on fire.

Harish is my neighbour, stays in apartment just above my floor and is known to me for last 7 years. We had fairly good relationship and shared lots of common interest like taking part in local community program etc. As most of my neighbour, Harish works with a software company, has a small family with a 2 years old kid and his old mother stays with him. Being a good neighbour it was an obligation on my part to visit to Harish with a bunch of flowers, sweets and greetings to get well soon.

A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running Groucho Marx (Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx was an American comedian and film and television star. He is known as a master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era)

So next day Morning time, me & my wife landed up to executive suite of a hospital where Harish has parked himself. Looking at me immediately he gave a big smile leaving me wondering if he really was taking a break in a Five Star Hospital. The suite was brilliantly decorated with large paintings hanging on the wall, a really good sofa set and set of 4 chairs for visitors with arrangement of tea, coffee snacks etc. I handed over a bunch of flowers and big pack of five stars with a hint to leave five star chocolates for small kid. Harish smiled with no sign of pain in his face, saying he will go for atleast 1 five star, immediately opening the pack and galloping a large chunk as if am going to take it back.

I just couldn’t resist asking Harish if he is alright and suggested, if he could have informed me I would have taken care of few arrangement to ease his discomfort. Harish waived his hand still chuckling his jaw as if he wants to finish off that five star before speaking. As soon as he finished he said I am absolutely fine, leaving me surprised and looking at my face, he suddenly busted into laughter.

Harish looked hawkishly at the door and said slowly I am fine but will have to be in hospital. Looking at my confused face, Harish said genesis of this situation is; he had to come back to Bangalore any how. I knew lots of software company will send employees to out of station location promising to get them released from project in 2-3 months but project never seems to end. Harish told me the situation would have been really very serious if was NOT in hospital.

As I understood, Harish kept on promising his wife in last 2-3 months, that he will back to Bangalore permanently next week, but project was getting extended like unending. With his late night stay to office, he was always found not at home ( PG in Bombay) whenever his wife would call him. With the household stress and left alone, she grew suspicious of Harish’s intention with those background voices in the calls and never to be fulfil promises that Harish gave to return back. It seems it was difficult for her to manage house with old lady, shopping and all household chores.

One day he got an ultimatum to return back by next week else his wife is going to leave for ever. It was a difficult choice project or wife, he decided to use best of his abilities to handle both. Immediately wrote an email to his boss for medical leave citing that he had severe stomach ache. Keeping himself unwell for next 2 days he citied reason to travel back to home town and since he was unwell company arranged for wheelchair transportation with first class air ticket. But the story took new twist with Rita (Harish’s wife), she has already left for her parents place with the Kid, Harish’s mother has gone to relative’s marriage function to Coimbatore. Now here was Harish, at Bangalore, with no one from the family to see, so the company guys got him admitted to hospital. Harish immediately called up some of best friends and suggestion was to stay-over in Hospital. The bills will be paid by company through mediclaim, Bhabhiji will come running back and office guys will  post you back to Bangalore, its should be all win for Harish. But how do he stay in hospital with out any ailment, he will be caught next day. Another apartment mate suggested just keep feigning for stomach ache, worst you can say it was infection. But what happens to various test that doctors take, again suggestion was leave to them or almighty god. Let doctors make some money and anyway the counts of WBC and RBCs will keep changing, if everything is normal get back to home for rest. Lucky Harish, doctors were smart and didn’t wanted to waste opportunity to mint some golden eggs with numerous test on account of insurance company.

So Harish condition remained serious, Bhabhiji took it real seriously, running back for family. The work at project really was not at all serious as company immediately got a replacement, someone else joined there. We at the apartment were smiling at condition really serious hai…

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P.S- All the characters are fictitious except me and my wife. If you liked story drop the comments

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