A simple checklist for presentation day

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Presentation ChecklistAsk yourself following ten questions and work on these aspects. This will help you to win over audience and to make an effective presentation

1. Am I aware of the objective for the presentation?

2. Do I have good knowledge of my company products and services or the topic of presentation?

3. Am I aware who would my audience, it is going to be of senior profile types, students, buyers etc. Have I researched on their profile, habits, likes and dislikes, who would be decision maker, influencers etc.

4. Am I aware of how my audience is going to be benefited by my presentation. Am I aware of the benefits that features of my products, services or topic brings to audience
5. Have I planned for the presentation for timing (Duration of presentation, what time of the day etc.), dialogue (Will I take question in presentation or after presentations)

6. Am I prepared with aids to support my presentation ,- Sample, literature, case histories, testimonials, appreciations letters, research, facts etc.

7. Does the presentation has the content targeted for audience (for e.g. Humour element for young or junior clouds or facts for senior officials etc.)

8. Do I need to demonstrate a product or a concept, then prepare for what, when and how to demonstrate?

9. Am I aware of the customs, languages, terminologies of the audience (very relevant for making presentation in regions outside the country or to the young audience)

10 . Am I courteous: Is my language polite, am I wearing right dress, I do not have distracting manners like scratching etc.
Will I be Patient, Enthusiastic and composed while delivering presentation and answering questions. If I am NOT confident, which area should I look into to work on.

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