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Yoga Tablet from Lenovo
Enjoy the Power of Yoga in Lap

There are some days that are good and some day are bad… However, there are days that become special for bad becomes suddenly so good and that just because someone’s ingenuity made you use something that can change the whole paradigm.

Today I remember something same here… It was hot and humid day of Mumbai on date I was to make presentation on a new product design at Bangalore, a day I was expecting to be full of fun and was not aware of the adventure that I was to be drawn at. Me and Rakesh looked at each other and smiled we were confident to make a huge impact with range of speakers we wanted to showcase to our potential buyers. We checked in our suitcases and got into the flight with tablets in our hands. It was going to be an hour and half flight and I had planned to use it watch a latest movie and Rakesh wanted to update few slides he was going to present.

My watch showed 9:00 AM while we boarded, everything was as per plan. We will board a taxi from Bangalore International Airport, reach Sarjapura at 10:30, presentation was planned at 11:30 AM.  But Murphy’s law got applied as we landed to Bangalore, our checked-in luggage didn’t arrived. And gone with them was our objet d’art  “THE SPEAKERS” , Rakesh was tensed, I was nervous and this was moment of truth to define our Golden Oppurtunity. 

I called up our team, they said nothing can be done return back ! But we thought otherwise, I said to Rakesh let’s meet them and tell this story with product features we will be more credible, anyway our return flight was late night. Rakesh said nothing can be done as his tablet has run out of power and he will not be able to showcase 3D film that we had planned to showcase after the product demo.

Then there was a Eureka moment, I immediately pulled out my Yoga Tablet which still had good power left out. Connected it to the internet and sent an email to the team in the Mumbai to connect on Video chat, a 2 minute chat and a plan was hatched. I was instructed them to send the few slides and pictures of the product from all the angles. In parallel started downloading the android APP for 3D image converter.  By this time we were in cab, while we navigated through the Bangalore traffic, I navigated through the internet and collected some more info on the competition and data points. Man, Yoga was super fast and battery was still there, so no worries. Rakesh also looked bit relaxed and he thrown his tablet on the front seat.  Though he still felt how I am going to showcase the sounds and I patted on his shoulder and assured him.

Suddenly, I noticed taxi driver seems to be worried, honking horns trying to drive fast, looks like he understood we are delayed. I asked him to slow down and told him to go through the ring road, I had already checked the best possible route with help of GPS and get him the recepie to reach fastest. Things seems to be in hand.

By the time we reached we were quite ready and confident to give a nice talk, prove our points and perhaps pick-up the order.  We reached office and dropped our name to receptionist. She connected with Peter (our prospect) , Surprisingly, he was not available. His secretary told us he rescheduled to another meeting hearing news of baggage delay our Bombay office.

We thought looks like it was not our day and moved out to the garden. I told Rakesh lets have a Cup of Coffee and enjoy fantastic Bangalore weather. But climax was still due, I suddenly got a call from Peter’s sectretary asking about where about. When I informed her I was in lounge garden of office enjoying coffee, she told me Peter will join us in next 15 minutes. Rakesh and myself gave a high- five and it looked day will be ours.

Yoga still had power, I switched on yoga and pulled up the 3D image, then just noticed Peter waving hand on us. As Peter arrived to us, we position Yoga on the cylinders and it was a best way to show our objet d’art it to Peter from all the angles, zooming all the nice features. Peter was impressed he picked Yoga on his palm and boy he lamost dropped it think it might be heavy. Suddenly he came back and Yoga has changed to book mode,  he started asking about the sound quality and I showcased the sound but it was through Yoga speakers commenting where will be difference and used the app for sound engineering showcasing the variations in the sound and how our speaker technology takes care of it.

Peter was impressed with the product and with our zeal to take care of his time and aspiration. yoga has turned the time in our favor.

I hope reader would have enjoyed my imaginative frame of mind, But the fact of non-fiction is I do love Lenovo brand and Yoga tablets to explore more go here


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