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Precaution gyan to tackle Great Indian Litterbug

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Litterbugs to CleanIn 1954 an Indian movie became hit with a song from Geeta Dutt and music director O P Nayyar, Babubuji dheere chanla, Pyar me jara Sambhla (In English- Gentleman, walk slowly and be in poise while in love”. In next 2 days we going to celebrate 66th Republic Day, So litterbugs made a remix of it “Babuji Dheere Chalna, Ghar ke Bahar jara
Sambhlana” (In English- Gentleman, walk slowly and walk with balance while out of house)

This is a funny take to tackle litterbug as precautions when you are out in crowded public place

When you are near bus stop:

Try to look up and try to move little away from the bus and keep your head up, lest a red colored outpouring from someone mouth can land on you as bettleleaf prasadam. If NOT there is always a possibility for Ganga Snanam (holy bath) as some litterbugs find it easy to get their kids pressure released or wash their sins out of the hand through window. Preferably wear a helmet as old trash bottle or orange peels can land on your head any time.

Try to look down also as some litterbugs always need earth size waste boxes, so you can land up on the Banana peels or shells, also there are covers for ground nut as well as coco water shells. All these can help you break either your back or getting run down by bike or bus coming from all directions. Also there is a possibility some 4 legged litterbugs have made road art with their poos and you can contribute to extend this art it, by stamping on it and walking around.

Try to look straight as well, some litterbugs have made arrangements for bull and dog fight, as they vie to snatch your grubs blocking the way and resisting any peculiar sound you may make to shoo them away.

Litterbug also recommends, you should be hurdle race practitioner, this skill will be really useful to jump around the poodles and open drainage. These open drainage also help water can get inside and accumulate to take litter with them, making drains an ocean of flies.

When you are at Cinema hall or theater

While you are in parking driving your car- Be careful to drive as you might hear a large thud or screeching sound while your car  steps on an old bottle and packet, this is nothing unusual, don’t stop your car to see if your Tyre has busted. But look into rear mirror first as the other car may bang you in hurry to take some vacant slot.

Also you may need to have some Pranayama practice (breathing excercise), as you may need to keep some breathes inside to release pressure in intermission, Some litterbugs may have made arrangements to get urinal chocked with litter like bubblegum, paper etc and a stream of strench coming out from floor needs to be abstained from, also your hurdle jump practice may come handy.

Be careful there may be a perfect Fevicol bonding as some litterbug may have found convenient to stick bubble gum on seat or hand rest. There is always a good possibility to steps on the orange or banana peel

When you are walking on pavements

It better off to walk on the road on the opposite direction of vehicle coming, at least you can see vehicles coming.

On the pavement you need to keep your poise balancing between looking up down and sideways. Looking down is essential as some litterbugs would have made arrangement to make you fly and lie horizontal if you step on banana peels and coconut shells.

If walking, you can also be blocked by Bos tarus, again use your musical instinct to shoo them away or jump down and jump up back to pavements. The arrangement of food etc. is already made by litterbugs for these four legged friends.

Your hurdle jump capability also come to great use, you can jump on open drainage on pavement and if adventurous over cows and dogs.

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