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Gold medal Achievements and success require action yet any action will succeed after planning. Thinking is a key to planning and yet it is a paradox that most of us think “Thinking” and “Doing” are 2 different aspects. Any success or achievement starts with an idea yet there are many steps between these success and idea.

This process of creating success from idea is a complicated and most of us do it in a unique way as defined by our personality type. There are some of us who strive to be perfect, make it right first time. While it is always better to be right at the first time, yet in this fast paced multi faceted world, it is THE most difficult one as well. And here are few reason why I suggest not to be perfect.

It is incredibly exciting to the leap cross the bridge of uncertainty and conquer the fear of unknown, yet the chance of success is relatively small until you have a mentor or guide to define and measure the steps and force required to cross that gap that may either burn your fuel half way or leave you with limited amount to cross far shores

We have all screwed up, messed up but we should have faith we could do better. I think Success is not defined by the first time perfection but by an attitude to do right next time. To own up responsibility and say “I am imperfect but I have a desire to do right next time”

There is also a inherent assumption if I may suggest for perfectionists that they say “is to save effort and time”. So I may like to quote

Jimmy Spithill, skipper of America’s Cup-winning Team Oracle USA, says, “Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy.” “If nothing else, I’ll win on sheer effort.”

Being a perfectionist there is also a tendency to do something different, so easiest way is to pickup something that world is not doing, now this takes persistence. One may need years to keep same different thing by the time he or she may become special person, now here the probability scores becomes bleak, while doing and correcting course seems to be a better bet

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