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Fumble mumble of winter morning

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WThis is a story of average Indian working women, I would say this is NOT a triumph but portrays fumble mumble of an ordinary Indian household, that happens daily around us yet we fail to notice the many ANDs of Durga, Sarswati, Laxmi or call it by any other name.

It is Wednesday morning, midway of week and an alarm starts screaming like mad dog out on the street. I open my eyes, there is still no light, it looks like Sun God is also lazing around on this winter morning. She is not there not in the room, I am sure she woke up 15 minutes before the alarm AND she must be definitely in the kitchen, I can hear the sounds of the utensils. Perhaps she has already opened the mail door, picked up milk packets AND I guess the milk is already on Stove. Last time she told me to standby and in a minute of distraction milk was all over stove, I had to look on milk and to me the India Pakistan match headline seems to catch more attention.

Today I am still trying to open my eyes OR it is my back that not permitting me to get up. I have to get up some how to give my helping hand to her. I crawl toward the bathroom to pick-up toothpaste AND I see tap already on to fill the bucket with right temperature water for the kids, that will help to get them ready as soon as they wake up. I splash my face with water and take toothbrush and walk out of bathroom. There are silver dew drops on the window AND there are kids uniform neatly kept along the table by the side of the window. I guess she planned it before going to sleep. Kids are still in bed AND she is aware of the clock ticking, so she reminds me to wake-up the kids. Perhaps she thinks this is task I will enjoy the most, I just nod with toothbrush in my mouth. I walk towards kitchen, grab the newspaper kept neatly on dining table, to read the News that I watched on TV last night AND she is ready with the cup of tea. That’s the best moment to read the Indian Cricket team won 1 day match AND she is really happy to see the one the kid has already finished bathing. AND by the time bread is getting toasted, she has already checked in bathroom to see if the kid is taking bath AND other one has applied moisturizer before dressing up AND there is still some time to change over to the next side for the toast. AND she is also remembers to remind me of to fill the water bottle for both of them.

It is morning rush time and Adrenaline has finally gone in my blood with the newspaper and tea, OR I had enough time to garner my energy. AND I am wonder where does She get her energy from. She has already finished with preparing kids hairs, getting them on with the shoes and tying shoe laces. OR did really I missed this time to keep the prepared lunch boxes in the school bag in this duration.

These morning blues are essential features of every household, so mundane, so unexplained yet so profound in their needs. AND she never complains, there is a smile and satisfaction of having worked for the most loved ones. I fumble about the incessant calls taking away all the time, yet she is able to manage the office calls AND return back to home by 6:30 PM. Is that world is kind to her and let her go. OR is that I am unable to complete my work in time. I express my inability to cook AND she is able to finish the pay the online bills when required to visit the bank.

For her it is always AND never OR, we should ask WHY, isn’t time to celebrate the work together and kill stereotypes found in most Indian middle class families of a metro city.

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