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Sketch of a role model

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To draVivekanand my Role Modelw a perfect of sketch of your role model in your mind is a difficult task. Once it is decided who she or he is, sketching on paper is relatively simpler. I feel to consider one as a role model, it is important to see the impact of his or thinking has made on the society at large. How differently or progressively he or she thought and acted in a way that inspires. He may or may not be with you all the time, but you can make this thought relevant whenever you are in difficult situation. He or she should be of stature that inspires you and make you confident that you can sail your boat in turbulent times

I had no hestitation to decide on Swami Vivekanand as my role model. As more and more I read about him, his vision and thought I have no doubt he was indeed an inspirational man who showed by action and deeds.

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