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Quiz on Corporate Slogans

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Corporate_sloganEnjoy a new quiz on corporate slogans

"Don't leave home with out it"- This is the slogan from which corporate

"Have it your way" - This is corporate slogan from which famous eat out

"Opne Happiness" - This is corporate slogan from which famous corporate

"We bring good things to life" WHich company uses this as corporate slogan

Whiich Brand has following Slogan- "Ultimate Driving Machine"

"I am lovin it"- This is famous slogan from

"Every little helps"- This is the corporate slogan for

"The power of dreams"- Is the corporate slogan used by

"BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT" Catch line for which cosmetic company

Whose Corporate slogans is as follows: Share moments. Share life.

Whose chewing gum slogan is as follows: For a cleaner whiter smile

Whose corporate slogan is as follows : Reach out and touch someone

Which product sells with a tag line- You know you want to

Awaken your senses- WHich famous has the following slogan

The length you go to for pleasure- Which company uses the following slogan

See what we mean- Which company uses the following slogan

Diamonds are for ever- Which company uses the following slogan

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