Quiz on Corporate Slogans- 2

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Corporate Slogan No-2Here is another set of 10 questions… Challenge your Wits and get the Answers 100 %.. ..

If you win this day… mention it in comment section …

Which company used the slogan “Breakfast for the champions” in 1935, and incidentlly there is famous book published in 1973 by same name

The lion leaps from strength to strength- This slogan was used by a famous car company in 1980s

Put a tiger in your tank- Name the company that uses this slogan

Think Different – This a famous slogan used by a well known computer and electronics company. Name the one

In touch with tommorow- This tag line is used by which of the following famous electronics company

Empowering People- This tag line is used by which of the following famous laptop manufacturer

We try Harder – Very Famous tag line from which company

The best seat in the house- Which company has used/uses this tagline

Which charity/Help mission uses this tagline- The greatest tragedy is indifference

WHich company uses/used the following tag line – Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven

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