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People management is a key aspect in any organisation and a vital ingredient for the success. Startups are no different in this regard, here are some very practical tips on people management

Try to make feel good about the role and job: In the startup everything is in flux, defining very clear guidelines about the day to day job is difficult. it is the responsibility of the co-founder to make employees feel good about they are doing. They should feel a part of something big, as daily routine can sometime make them feel doing something trivial. Sometime it makes sense to join employees to do things that are minimal and explain them how their role impacts business.

Celebrate even small milestones: Celebrations may not be very lavish, even a small cake cutting or a cup of tea can be part of celebrations, focus on making them enjoy the moment, make the dream for bigger milestones and don’t forget to give credit to the team and a member in full populace. They would be motivated to go faster for the next milestone

Monitor them from a distance: Entrust employees with important responsibilities, monitor them not to close that they need approval for every small tasks, but don’t them go free. This is particularly important for the task that touches the boundary of your organisation and there is interactions with the outer world for e.g. sales, vendor relations, helpdesk and recruitment.

Be affable and transparent- Founder should keep in touch at the ground level, even the gatekeeper should have a confidence to reach you. This way they would know the strength and weakness of each employee. Be transparent and impartial in your conduct, team should feel and be confident any issue will be dealt in the fair, transparent manner.

Incentivise with treat, perks etc for good work but promote less in positions: Promotions leads to hierarchy and team conflicts, promote people only when they have matured enough and earned respect in the team, in this way there will be acceptability in team

Appraisals- While formal appraisals are important part of the organisation development, it should be done along with the team leader. Founders should avoid sharp criticism and over coaching, define smaller achievable goals for short term and keep giving feedback in positive and constructive manner, this will keep morale up for the team. Never involve in criticism of seniors in front of juniors and give lengthy feedback.

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