The Impact- A short Story

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Image credit to Balaji
Image credit to Balaji

It was a dull evening in the village, orange sun was giving chromatic hues to the sky and the dust from the bovine saunter was making the evening look like a haze over of the pristine landscape. Shyamu was returning back to home and road was full of sheep, cows, calf and goats. Suddenly the scene was impacted by a horn, he could see the cattle running around and he had to really work hard to bring them back to herd. Suddenly he see a bright orange color van playing peppy music passing just by his side, he almost had an impact with the vehicle.

As soon as he reached home after herding the cattle in the sheds, his mother was calling him with a glass of milk. He just ignored ran to the well, drew a bucket of water and within minutes washed himself of the dirt. His mother navigated behind him with glass of milk making sure not a drop spilled from it. She made sure Shyamu had the last drop it before leaving  the house, his friends were already at the door calling him to hurry up.

Within few minutes Shyamu and his friends were in the Choupal and they can see the people were setting some equipment. All of them wondered what they were up to, Shyamu noticed they came in the same van that went playing music. Suddenly, Mala suddenly shouted “Fantastico” as she saw these guys pulling a screen, it is a movie show. All of them gasped, no because they came running but it was a long time they would watch the movie show.  All of them wondering how these men plan to run the machine as supply of electricity in the village is not there from last one week.

But of all them were amazed , these men simply pulled out a machine, pressed and presto it started. Shyamu and all of them were surprised. They went near and started exploring the machine.  That was the moment, one of the men, approached them and said “Hello, do you like Cinema”.  Shaymu said “Yes, but how do you run it, does this vehicle gives it power”. The man pointed towards setting sun and said the Sun God gives it power. Now Shyamu and all his friends were amazed, at this moment the Man asked him to come with him and lifted him from his waist. Shyamu was amazed to see the small black rectangles covering the roof the vehicle. The Man said this roof takes sunlight and convert it to the electricity that is stored in battery. The battery is same as you use in your torch, just that it is bigger in size. WoW, Shyamu and his friends felt the impact of the technology. Now they were ready to navigate the world of technology. Their imagination went wild, if this is a small powerhouse, it can do wonder for my village. It can light my mother’s kitchen and my drawing too. Perhaps it can run the Choupal’s TV as well. FANTASTICO, he thought he got a Aladin’s chirag in hand. And it was in no time, the impact was seen on full village there were home that were lighted, music that was played and home that were lit. It just needed one IMPACT.

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