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What is the best time to call a sales prospect

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The emarketing is buzz of the day, you track analytics after email campaign and see which are most potential candidates those will listen to you. So at what time should you call your prospect Monday- It is start of week or should be it be Friday- one might be in good mood or he may be too busy to answer. Or the midweek is better, should one call early morning when he has just started or late evenings when he is relaxed moving to home. Well the answer may lie in the research conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in USA. Take this poll and give your take. The answer as per research is provided at the bottom.

What is best time of Day to call a prospect?

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What is best Day of week to call a prospect?

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The correct answer is : The best time to call in day is either early morining or Late After noon. The best day of the week to call is Thursday.

The further details of the research can be checked at http://www.leadresponsemanagement.org/[ad name=”Bottom_LetterBoard”]

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