Radhaji and Krishnaji

Watercolor painting- Radha Krishna

A big watercolor painting of Radha Krishna. Made in 300 GSM paper of size (67 cm x 52 cm ). This one really took lots of effort, the eyes of Radhaji and Krishnaji was really difficult to master. The others aspects worth mentioning are the transparent border of Radhaji Saree, Gold armlets of Krishnaji with the Ruby Stones, Krishnaji pearl and necklace and fold of Krishnaji dhoti

If you can feel the warmth and love in the eyes and posture of the Lord Krishnaji and Kishoriji, I will feel I have acheived something through this art. Please click on thumbnail to view image of larger size.

Radhaji and Krishnaji
A lovely Couple- Radhaji and Krishnaji

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