Twitter can be dangerous as communication tools

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[singlepic id=55 w= h= float=left] Twitter has been in news particularly in India. It has been talked about even in parliament and many in India think it was probably ‘THE’ cause for the exit of high profile Shashi Tharoor and IPL commissioner Lalit Modi. This leads to me to ponder can Twitter really be very dangerous ?

Implications are even stark for companies where communication is managed by whole departments. The messages has to go through multiple round of scrutiny and has major implications on business

I think it can be a potent tool for self destruction if not used properly why  

1. Tendency to hit send button gives less time to reflect and ability to make corrections

2. The network effect is too big. Over a period of time, one may have huge following particularly when you are famous. It furthers complexity as they have now power to react and swing the mood very quickly.

3. Messages are short- can be wrongly interpreted, as you do not have a luxury of explanations.

Last but not the least.

4. It’s integration with various platforms given it’s open technology and architecture, it has ability to reach much wider audiences giving a nuclear bomb effect to point no. 2

As with all latest technology, twitter is like a surgeon scalpel that can treat or beat. Twitter is dangerous as it gives power to swing favor either way almost instantly. It can really become a social phenomeon   as phones are today’s necessities. So individuals and corporates need to self discipline for what they are saying in terms of consistency and values. Interacting on Phone has evolved as a social culture today and we now know and have learned the manners of communications. To some extent it has already happened with SMS at phone but this technology still does not cut across the platforms.

It’s new beginging in social media and Twitter has potential to change the way we communicate. Let wait and see if it reaches to the tipping point.[ad#Bottom_LetterBoard]


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