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Recently read about this technology on the Internet…

This is really fascinating and I am sure every one will be thrilled to have a potential to take digital photos just by hand gesture or see the vedios on a paper.

In his video presentation this guy shows, how his device can help… make calls just using gestures of making calls like now you do it in tochscreen phone, difference is there is no phone and no touch screen… it is just the projected image of the numbers and telecall sign at palm

He also showcases how one can switch from gestures to a computer as one reached to his office and how the information is seamlessly transmitted from one medium to other.

Who has developed it ?- What does this guy do? –

His name is Pranav Mistry

He is research assistant & PhD candidate from MIT lab. 


More details can be check out on his website 

What is Sixthsense Technology ?

SixthSense is a wearable gestural interface device that augments the physical world with digital information and lets people use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. The device is pretty simple with a mirror, pocket projector and a camera.

What is the potential ?

Check out wikipedia for more details… Click Here  

Watch an interesting presentation by Pranav on Wearable Gestures… Click Here

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