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PR and Marketing in new AgeThis question comes to every one’s mind: is the PR and Marketing in New Age is different from the PR and Marketing in the old times. The pictures CNN flashed during Iraq war or the google advert sing program. Are they diff rent then the news published by your good old newspaper or Lux being marketed to Indian public. Do we have to learn new subjects in management programs to tackle these new age PR & Marketing responsibilities in new economy companies. My feeling in the subject the basics principle remain same however the medium of delivery is changed. This has led to the paradigm shift in value enhancer aspects of the medium. Take for example the news channel, the content has changed not much a news is always news, however the value drivers ( ex. freshness in case of news or presentation like photos, coverage etc.) has been enhanced by the medium so when news comes via Internet or TV channel the coverage is live with pictures so it is fresh as of now and presentation is with pictures. Internet goes step ahead it can customize based on user preference so user can choose the customize the news with statistics with linkages to similar type of news related old news article etc.

Also the another aspect in case of new medium as compared to traditional medium is involvement of the user, so you can suggest, comment or poll to news article by SMS or email this helps in instant feedback and content provider can customize the content as per users need. Similar context can be drawn from marketing as well. In the traditional marketing companies would send the sales literature to the potential users or do the road shows to explain the features and benefits of the production in the new mediums like Internet or email companies are no limited by boundaries of material physics so it can entertain million potential user in the website, send the customized sales literature to the potentials users. The process becomes far easier in terms of the handling leads and converting them to opportunities.

To identify the target segment and customizing the offering for the potentials user. Consider this example where potentials users can decide on the look and feel and order for a product. However, when value enhancers of the subject are getting changed to the availability of new mediums it also reducing the entry barriers as these new medium gives even the new entrants chance for matching up the speed and perform with limited finances. The only thing that remains unique is the innovation and new ideas. For that one doesn’t any course, it is something to do with the thinking process. The ability to think would be supreme in coming generation and to execute you will have multiple options. To use which medium or mix of mediums will again be driven by thinking process



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    Public Relations is all about pleasing the common people.–~

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    you should always maintain good public relations specially if you operate a business`**

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