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Infographic- Social Media Engagement- Mobile Vs Desktop
Infographic- Social Media Engagement- Mobile Vs Desktop (Click on Image to Enlarge)

I looked around, tilting and rotating my neck like an owl, am I the only one taking photos of the Appams, Sambhar and Salad. No there were few others clicking photos from their smartphone, I guess they too will landup either facebook, twitter or google plus.

The food was sumptuous and the shade restaurant in the front of beach gave me more so reason to laze around. The thought was still lingering in my mind, are we using more of mobile for accessing and posting on social media account. Answers was again on the click on button, it was so easy to search on google.

The report from comscrore (2012)says social media is experiencing heave engagement on smartphones. An another report from Adobe kind of nailed my thoughts Smartphone was indeed a form of choice for social media engagement.

Far from these reports that tracked the data from the multiple mobile and desktop users, it is the trend and ease that makes the phones a form of the choice, particularly android based smartphones.

Mobility has multiple dimensions and it is easy to figure out, how is it bringing independence is daily life. Lets have a look with level of laziness

Just Touch: You don’t need to move your leg around. Either fish out the mobile from your pocket, just summon some one to handover mobile. If you are lazy to get up, walk to you laptop or desktop or type in
your mobile. swipe few gesture read the latest notification, watch videos or see photos.

Touch and Click: If you need to show-off or update but lazy to type, just take photos and post. A photo is a thousand words with Geotagging it is all the more important if you are in five star place or a resort.

Speak, Touch and Click: If you need to announce the world about Appams you had; but lazy to type and still need to comment on your own photo or otherwise, use text to speech

At the Last stage as I guess is to type, it is cumbersome but yet helpful to type a small messgae or update. Anyway on social media one will hardly write pages.

This level of Independence has a bigger social impact on everyone’s life. We today have citizen journalist clicking photos on the social and civic matters, there are sting operations, family functions like
weddings, birthday celebrations are having an out reach to bigger familiar audiences. It not only about reach but influence as well, it is easier to generate opinions from bigger audience. And all these have started to happen as we internet is more handy and easy to use. It has given a power and freedom of expression. My take is social media engagement through smartphone will definetly remain higher as compared to Desktop, but desktop and other forms are going to stay.

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