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[singlepic id=9 w=200 h=150 float=left] eMarketing is a comprehensive domain, it includes marketing via internet i.e. the banner ads marketing, affiliation programs, search marketing etc. It also includes marketing through email, blog marketing etc. The business model associated with are B2B (business to business), B2C (Business to consumers) and P2P (Peers to Peers). eMarketing has huge promises and certain limitation as well. The advantages include the availability of information to consumers, anytime purchase and wide range to select from. It facilitates the seller to sell huge line of products and services without actually stocking the inventories to the consumers which are not limited by geographical or physical boundaries. eMarketing provides a platform to experiment and sellers can be as innovative as they can be. Online auction programs are a good example of such innovativeness. There are limitations as well as the users can’t sense by touch and feel. The security of the transaction is major concern along with huge information overload. The eMarketing has huge impact on the dynamics of the industry, way the business is sought and executed particularly in industry related to information and entertainment. The changing technology with new enabling medium and an ability to communicate directly is presenting new challenges to entertainment companies. At the same time it is destroying the value of intermediate entertainment companies which broker between the consumer and content producer. With this view in mind I suggest for a eMarketing Model that can be very helpful in promoting the websites. The key Aspects of eMarketing in developing websites

Personalization: This aspect of the website deals with information on the visitor of the website and individual preference. Installing cookies is very common method of collecting information on visitors. It is important to collect information for offering customized products and services offerings to the visitors. However, the personalization factors are also related to the privacy issue of the visitors. So the need for the information collection should be driven by sound strategy so that the information collection does infringe the privacy rights of the visitors.

Sales & Services: This aspect of the website deals with the sales offering and ease of navigation. The products and service offering should be relevant to the profile of visitors at your website. They should find it easy to navigate the services and products easily and should be able to purchase with ease, with speed and securely. The small aspects like ability to compare products features, prices, see the similar purchase made by other visitors and security makes a big difference.

Community: The community aspect of the website makes it a happening place, a desired place. Reason is people tend to trust the third party for taking suggestion and word of mouth is best and cost effective publicity medium. The community can build by allowing moderated discussion boards and enabling comments by the visitors. In the long run community provides vital feedback for improvement and fine tuning the website for the visitor’s requirement.

Medium of Communication: If you would have noticed the information delivery is not only about internet but now it encompasses multiple platforms mobile is newest form where as new fixed phone lines and emails are traditional forms. So the visitor can use any of the channels or the multiple channels. The information compilation and retrieval through these multiple channels should be taken care of by the emarketing strategy. Apart from these Radio, newspaper and outdoor/indoor media are also vital part for information dissemination and best part is all are interconnected. So many visitors may see your brand in any of the medium and may plan the visit to your website. And this leads to interconnection of the media leading for one to cover network strategy in its emarketing plan.

Network : The network aspect of the website covers the partnerships which are business enablers. Though in ecommerce much of the part business happens online yet there is still some offline part which is the most important part. This is the part where online companies fail most of the time as the business processes doesn’t get aligned. The affiliation with other websites not only helps build revenues it also helps to draw traffic and build online brand awareness. The affiliation can be for the other website promotions, advertisers or other services.

Promotions: Promotions has been traditionally major tool for increasing the sales and brand awareness in marketing. Same stands true for emarketing as well. The promotion of the website for special offers or features through network and community helps increase traffic on the website. Increase in traffic leads to better business if the other aspects of website are put in place.


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