Important metrics to gauge sales performance in startup

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Sales Performance in Startup
Sales Performance in Startup

Sales performance is a key parameter for success of a startup. In the competitive environment, judging the vital sales parameters for managing the performance of the sales function, can make or break the startup.

Startup founder have to dabble in almost all the facets of running the organisation, knowing these factors and metrics can help founders to use the sales resources at the maximum

  1. The ability to assess and qualify a lead with a potential to convert into opportunity and sales transaction can make a big difference in utilising the time in the field. Usually the high sales performers have an ability to convert 2 or more times from the lead funnel as compared to average the sales executive. So identify the Sale performer quickly, reward them to motivate and get the sales figure going up quickly
  2. It has been found almost 50 % of sales team members in large companies do not understand the customer pain point clearly. The ability to understand and uncover the problems faced by the customer is the key point in pitching and closing the sale.
  3. The well defined sales reporting and sale process can improve the win ration by over 50%, it important to hire a experience sales person, also technology can play a great role here.
  4. Access to key decision maker is vital to close the sales quickly, it has been found high performers are able to make/find access to key decision maker 50 % more quickly then an average sales performers
  5. Sales and Marketing should work hand in hand, Marketing should take plan BTL and generate the leads and help with the key competitive info. In a startup, marketing may not be a formal setup yet, the activities can be planned in a co-ordinated manner
  6. If the learning from the field can be brought into the feedback loop for product and services up-gradation and changes, it can lead to atleast 25 % increase in the sales revenues

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