How to identify what your webvisitors want using google analyics

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One of the bigger challenge for the startup marketing role is to identify website or blog visitors are looking for. While one the easiest way to ask for email signup in website and then sending message to random visitors for a time of discussion but here the sample size can’t be very big. Google provides some very simple straight forward way to identify what a web visitor to your website may be looking for. Using these tricks will take no more than 3 minutes if you are already registered for google analytics

  • Average time spent on a page: This a really good metric, logic is simple if someone like something they will spend more time with it. This gives a really good idea of what topics or products are really getting traction. . For example if the career page is getting more hits than the service portfolio it is clear indicator website is being accessed more by job seekers as compared to the potential customer, thus an appropriate digital marketing strategy should be planned for. In the given below screenshot taken from my website you can see the average time spent on the pages,  I have used the primary dimension as page, comparison option it just above the

Google Analytics Screenshot

How to check the Average time spent by visitors in your website. Assuming the google analytics account has been created and tracker code already assigned. You would login in, on the left hand side , there are 4 type of reports (Audience, Acquisitions, Behavior and Conversions). Click Behavior > Site Content > All Pages from the left hand panel. Select the Avg. time spent on the page. Please note you may have to apply outlying factor depending on the topic like in the case below Geometry is subject that will take more time so it still not be all that favorite still topic is important so student may have to spend more time on it

  • Search Queries: These are the terms that users used in search engine to land at your page or website. These are important as this means your website is ranking good for these search terms and you may like to provide more similar content. You can also use navigational links to guide to page not so frequented but relevant to the visitors

How to check the Search queries in Google analytics- Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries. If you are not seeing any result then you will need to connect google webmaster to Google Analytics

  • Website Search: Many a time visitors are looking for stuff in a hurry, if  search is integrated with the google analytics then you can find key terms visitors are using to find the information in your website. Google provides code for Custom search engine ( that can be easily integrated to your website. The search terms used by visitors appear under Behavior > Site Search > Search Teems

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