How to be attractive and charming to be loved

Be attractive and stand apart

Who does not want love and respect and to be loved and respected one needs to be attractive and charming. How does one can be attractive not only by appearance but also by demeanor. It helps one to stand apart.

Here are some simple rules to be an attractive personality

  1. Always smile- Who does not like smiling face and it does not cost anything
  2. Dress for style and respect and not for attention
  3. Smell nice or does not smell at all
  4. Get a good education and be intelligent on the subjects of general knowledge
  5. Speak kindly of yourself and those around you
  6. Don’t hurry or jump to guns, take it easy
  7. Always be polite, say thank you and return favors
  8. Have some hobbies apart from watching screens, mingle with children and spend time with elderly
  9.  Have an opinion, but don’t express until you are asked about it

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