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Gap Logo
New and Old Gap Logo

The massive outcry of fans in Facebook forced GAP to withdraw the new logo. Is Social Media becoming a customer  relationship management tool without control? GAP obviously has thought about launching the new logo, it supposed to give more contemporary image to the company and clothing’s it  design and sells. Gap old logo (sh0wn in the left with blue background) has been in use for 20 years. Where did things went wrong, could it have been launched differently. Did GAP did even bigger mistake by withdrawing and giving to a bunch of crowd who may have not even bought GAP clothes in their life.  There are many learning in this story like [ad name=”Links for Post”]

Logo are all about emotion, they have a personality and logos that people have noticed while growing up change create a feeling of distrust. Companies like GAP should have engaged the social media in terms of taking feedback, competitions and slowly build the expectations winning the trust of the fans. The logic and philosophy should have been communicated in scuttle manner rather than pushing something very abruptly. It should have communicated the change in the logo brings in the freshness and contemporary designs in stores and clothing range.

Rock Shock : The rock shock effect of social media should have been taken care. Social media has a potential to communicate to much larger audience than any traditional communication medium. Companies have to not regularly monitor it but also manage it without any control. This can be done only by engaging proving the vital information.

Check the Gag: While withdrawing a logo on downpour of comments may be an easy option but is not a correct strategy for long term. While GAP may proclaim for them customer come first but there are many who do not frequent Facebook and would have loved new Logo. It also puts GAP is badlight as far as executions is concerned and gives confidence to few Netizens that they can bring a large company to its knees. So plan better and when push was coming to shove stay steadfast, communicate the logic  and check the gags

Learn telepathy: Believe me, it makes sense to read the mind of your fans and prospect. This can be done only when your top management has its ears to ground. Get feedback from stores, markets, hi-streets, feedback forms and social media. But take your decision, sometimes customers don’t know what they want. Astonish them and give them they could have never thought.

Did GAP did right thing by withdrawing its logo?

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