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An apple a day
Photo takes from flickr- Yasser Alghofily (An Apple a day Keeps you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise)

Habits makes or breaks a person. Here is a compilation of few of pointers that make a huge difference to someone for making a successful career

Wake up early– Early bird gets the worm. This is one of the most important habit, Tim Cook CEO of Apple is an early riser and so did the Steve Jobs and yes Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo too is an early riser

Practice Patience- Another key tool and asset of successful entrepreneurs and big shots of corporate world

Take enough rest and get smart sleep– The successful career require not only hardwork but also smartwork. Optimise the time and take enough rest to get it going when you need the most

Maintain healthy lifestyle and take healthy decision-Its true good health is required for sound decision and all time availability

Learn to listen- Related to patience, give enough time to understand the important messages between the words

Keep a record of your ideas– Else they go out of your head and you can’t seek innovative solutions and differentiation

Be positive and focus on your strengths

Network and build connections- Networking doesn’t mean only exchanging cards or drinks it essentially require helping others, sharing knowledge and working together on voluntary projects 

Be a Leader- This requires rising up to situations and taking charge with no micromanagement. The ability to take and give help is biggest skill to get the things done

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Be Punctual and Keep your promises– It makes you a dependable brand to seek help when required

Maintain your personality– Everyone like pleasing personality, good looks, nice attire, positive body language, this help to get more opportunities and networking

Avoid waste of time- Eliminate the repetitive jobs, use 80/20 rule to prioritize and maintain multiple lists to track the task

Be an avid reader- Take out sometime to read daily, Autobiography, Books by CEOs give good exposure of their lifetime and environment in which they achieved results

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