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[singlepic id=6 w=180 h=240 float=right]Cricket in Indian subcontinent is something people will die for – literally such is passion for this sport in this subcontinent that when cricket matches are going on you will see empty streets, people glued to TV sets, crowds in front of electronics shops watching TV, people walking on road holding radio sets by their ears and discussions which are equally passionate at offices, at pan shops (small shops at square that sells Tobacco)

With time this passion in the public has grown and todays corporations have made successful attempts to take out the money from the pockets of the crowds. Cricket in Indian subcontinent sells more than any other sports. Look at these figures: Today the BCCI annual revenue may be close to 3650 Million rupees. The current auction of IPL for 8 teams generated 720 Million USD. BCCI is said to have made over 1 Billion on TV rights itself. Remember 10 years back the BCCI accounts were in red. BCCI is expecting to generate 1 Billion USD (including annual contracts) by the launch of IPL. Apart from BCCI top Indian cricket players are sitting on the goldmine.

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