An inspirational thought on innovation and entrepreneurship

When tolerance is norm everyone flourishes, Tolerance breeds trust & trust is the foundation of innovation & entrepreneurship

Thomas Friedman

World is flat

Recently finished reading this book. A fantastic book, though it covers more or less what we know. But the perspective in which it makes you to think is excellent. If you have not read this book, I would definitely recommend reading this book, it gives a very good perspective of how technology is changing the business scenarios. What governments, people and society can do to handle this pace of change. I really liked one of the comment on innovation and entrepreneurship and have included it here.

Oh! you said already read it. Why don’t drop few comments what do you feel about this book.

This also an assertion on my thoughts of relevance of Mamtma Gandhi’s philosophy of Satya & Ahimsa which inculcates tolerance as basic principle. You can read the post here

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