An accident that didn’t happen

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It was middle of the day, sun was red hot and the temperature outside was 400 Celsius. Rajesh was navigating his car at a higher speed than he would normally drive, he would need to reach home before kids come from school. Suddenly, there was an impact and a high-speed motorcycle driver hits his car from the side. By the time Rajesh could come to his senses, some major incidence has happened. He immediately gets out of his car and looks at the motorcycle driver. Great god, the motorcycle rider is Ok and is managing to stand up.

He has got some bruises, the helmet and gloves saved him. A small crowd has also gathered to watch the tamasha, as usual, the one in the bigger vehicle is always the culprit. The guy removes his helmet and Rajesh makes out he is a student of nearby hotel management institute from his attire. He points at Rajesh, Sir, “you were driving fast” and then Rajesh Points out at the midline road divider- “Friend, you were on the wrong side”. Suddenly the phone of the motorcycle rider rings the music and Rajesh noticed the guy has cellphone tucked in the helmet, Fantastico, a bulb light in his mind and he quickly snaps the photos. The boy is now nervous, perhaps he was talking on the phone while driving. Rajesh now makes a bold move and says the boy needs to pay for the repair, the crowd is getting restless, few of them are getting eager to get involved in this business. This always happens few in the crowd has no business so such incidence becomes their business, or perhaps they know the boy.

Boy realising have caught in a mistake is in the hurry, picks his bike and pumps the engine. Rajesh also makes a move and immediately opens the car door and throttle the engine. The mob also moves on, as he is comfortable Rajesh increases the volume of music to soothe wringing in his mind. Seems cars is wobbling a little bit, suddenly he noticed there is a person making gestures as he watches on the rear view mirror. He slows down and pull down the window, the person on the bike tells him, one of the tyre is punctured. He pulls the vehicle on the side and looks into tyre, it was indeed flat. Rajesh looked around if there would be something nearby. Nope, looks like he has to change the punctured tyre with the spare wheel by himself. While he was on the job, he is approached by a person. Sir, can I get some help, Rajesh turns his back to look at him. He looks at the person, the person speaks again, sir My name is Kishorilal, do you remember me, I used to be a security supervisor in your apartment.

Rajesh tries to recollect, no he couldn’t and then the other person says Sir I need some money, please help me, I have to go to my village urgently. Rajesh is anyway troubled by the series of incidences, perhaps this may be a chance to help someone. Rajesh says, “please help me change the wheel and I can take you to the apartment , there I can hand you some cash. I do not have much in the pocket”. Kishorilal insists, “Sir, I am in hurry, please we can walk up to the ATM and you can withdraw the cash there”. Now Rajesh is very upset, Kishorilal has not given any helping hand and has been a consistent trouble. Looks like Kishorilal has realised Rajesh is not going to help and moves on. In another 15 minutes, the tyre is changed, Rajesh cleans his hand, washes his face, looks around Kishori has already left. Somehow, in this sequence of events, he is not able to identify if he has seen Kishorilal earlier. He chucks away the thought and rides on this car, the music seems to be pleasant and navigation is much easier now. The day has been tiring and Rajesh retire to the bed quite early.

The next morning was a pleasant one, a hot cup of tea with the newspaper is always welcome. But he was astonished to see the news, a man asked to withdraw the amount from ATM at the point of the knife. Someone coaxed a gentleman to the ATM on the pretext of help required for the travelling to the village and at ATM the accomplice were hiding, as the person withdrew the amount, he was forced to withdraw a larger amount.

Rajesh thought, looks like, yesterday could have been even worse, it was his sensibility or probably luck that saved him.

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