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Akshaypatra Foundation- A big step toward future

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I am sure many of us have already read and heard mythological story of Akshayapatra, A magical bowl given by Sun God to Yudhasthir, the eldest of Pandavas. Here I am talking about the same magic created by Akshaypatra Foundation, in life of deprived children to drive out hunger from their life. 

Askshaypatra is a charity organisation with a mission to feed the children. As per their webite http://www.akshayapatra.org  at the moment they are feeding more than a million children. By feeding children Akshaypatra foundation aims to increaase attendance and enrollment in the schools, decrease drop out from schools and increase the attention span and improve academics of participating children.

Request all to support Akshaypatra, you can do it by volunteering (click here) or making a donation (click here) to take thier mission forward and support a noble cause.

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