3 sureshot ways to overcome price objection for a startup

Overcoming Price Objections

Overcoming Price Objections

Closing a sales negotiation is the key aspect in selling. Many a field executive struggle to close the deal when there are objections to the proposal. The objections from a prospect can be related to a feature, price, usability etc. The price objections are generally difficult to handle, here are some easy tricks to handle price objections

Timing- This is the most key aspect of the sales negotiation. A sales executive should never start with prices in deal closure until and unless the discussion on all the other aspect of the deal has been discussed.

Why? Early price negotiations lead to more concessions. Prospect may add on freebies For e.g. the prospect may ask for the freebies or another concession before closing the deal. Continue reading

A quote on Fear from Movie After Earth

Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves just a story

The other day picked up these lines while watching movie Afterearth on TV.  This exchange of words happens when Will Smith acting as Cypher Raige instructs Jaden Smith acting as Kitai Raige to calm down while he is on mission to retrieve the becon from the tail part of ship.

Really Inspiring…. :-)

12 quick ideas to make a low budget ad film

Vintage Pepsi Ad

Pepsi Vintage Ad- Image Courtesy Via

Advertising is all about sharing information. It’s about new product or service, a new feature, a promotional offer, an attractive price or a new store or online presence. In marketing, it is often said “advertising” is usually done first to get a customer’s attention. “selling” follows to get the customer’s money. Gone are those good old days as it is shown in the ad poster of Pepsi over here. Today there is no luxury to rest on your laurels, any new product or startup has ability to leverage technology and grab attention.

May be it not as simple as it sound, because advertising needs the creative bend to grab attention of potential buyers. It is complex for a smaller company or start-up. And it is challenging for the larger corporations for larger corporations as well. Start-up and young organisation have challenges to deal with such as tight budget, building new brand and communication strategy. And larger corporations need to work with tight set of rule linked to legacy. For large corporation, big budget may give flexibility to choose best talent from best agency. Yet it may not guarantee

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Don’t live a little, live for a Magic Gift

Origami FlowerBoth of us worked on the same floor of the office, we were just an acquaintance. He would often pass from the alley in front of my cubicle, perhaps to fill in the bottle of water from nearby cooler after lunch. Most of time, I saw him as engrossed in deep thought, walking his head down and with slow speed. Sometimes, when he will raise his head and our eyes will meet, he will make sure to pass on a smile. As if trying to portray everything is OK, It looked like an ideal way to deal this people filled but lonely place. We never exchanged words, but still shared something that was beyond words. To me, it seems he was an introvert and just don’t like to talk much or maybe he has some health problem. Sometimes, I also see him at cafeteria alone sipping tea and engrossed in deep thought.

One day, I was at the cafeteria and had just picked my cup of coffee. I was looking for someone to sit with for another 10 min, it was already 4:15 pm and in next 15 minutes, I will need to get in a call. I saw him sitting alone on a table and decided to exchange some words with him. I went on to him said “hello” and asked “can I sit?”, he looked at me, gave a smile and nodded his head. After few sips Continue reading