Book Review- Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Review of Book Shoe Dog Phil Knight

Shoe Dog A book by CEO of NIKE- PHIL KNIGHT, a great book to read and here are my views on the book. It is a memoir of the life of Phil Knight and elucidates on the journey of a startup transforming to a large corporation. The book also touches on the personal life of Phil Knights. Organised in chronological fashion, starting from the year, when Phil pass out from the college books takes the readers to different facets of Phils and Nike journey.  Some of the discerning points have been included here.

You need a team, it is not necessary to have great people from the start , but they need to share your passion Continue reading

An accident that didn’t happen

Image credit to dingcarrie

It was middle of the day, sun was red hot and the temperature outside was 400 Celsius. Rajesh was navigating his car at a higher speed than he would normally drive, he would need to reach home before kids come from school. Suddenly, there was an impact and a high-speed motorcycle driver hits his car from the side. By the time Rajesh could come to his senses, some major incidence has happened. He immediately gets out of his car and looks at the motorcycle driver. Great god, the motorcycle rider is Ok and is managing to stand up.

He has got some bruises, the helmet and gloves saved him. A small crowd has also gathered to watch the tamasha, as usual, the one in the bigger vehicle is always the culprit. Continue reading

The Old Scooter-Short Story

Old Scooter

Image credit to Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Radhesh pulled up shutter of the garage and it opened with a loud impact. For long he has been thinking of the removing the old stuff and clean the garage. It was now necessity to make space in garage as navigation of the car has been a problem since he upgraded to a bigger one. Being a long weekend, today looks the perfect day to finish this task. He reversed the parked car and navigated to park on the side of road in front of house.

Now back to garage, Radhesh was pondering where to start with, there are 2 scooters, a spare car wheel, a large tool box, a box of old clothes and some waste parts kept in a tin container. Perhaps the garage needs some color and additional light fixture to make it peppy. Also the old scooter seems to be a viable option to move out, this olive green wight is almost making a silver jublee sitting in corner, but that one is real duckie to his dad.

Convincing dad to chuck this old scooter is going to be an invincible task. Continue reading

The Impact- A short Story

Image credit to Balaji

Image credit to Balaji

It was a dull evening in the village, orange sun was giving chromatic hues to the sky and the dust from the bovine saunter was making the evening look like a haze over of the pristine landscape. Shyamu was returning back to home and road was full of sheep, cows, calf and goats. Suddenly the scene was impacted by a horn, he could see the cattle running around and he had to really work hard to bring them back to herd. Suddenly he see a bright orange color van playing peppy music passing just by his side, he almost had an impact with the vehicle.

As soon as he reached home after herding the cattle in the sheds, his mother was calling him with a glass of milk. He just ignored ran to the well, drew a bucket of water and within minutes washed himself of the dirt. His mother navigated behind him with glass of milk making sure not a drop spilled from it. She made sure Shyamu had the last drop it before leaving  the house, his friends were already at the door calling him to hurry up. Continue reading