Watercolor Painting- Lord Shrinathji

A new Watercolor painting of Shrinathji completed in 2-3 days flat. The tough part was to made watercolor the jewels look like to real gems and smile of Shrinathji. I was woried if I would be able to make the expression as a smiling face. The 2 big diamonds on the nose and chin were making me nervous. But it turned out well in end. I was told the background of Shrinathji make it special but it’s feeling of making this watercolor painting that made it special

This was made in 300 GSM watercolor paper size 12″ x 16″

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Lord Shrinathji

A watercolor Painting of Lord Shrinathji

Pricing tips for a startup to make an expensive offering look like a good bargain

One of the most of common objection in the introduction of a new offering is the PRICE, be it’s a product or a service. While a Startup would like to position itself on the top of pricing pyramid for better margin and branding purpose, this situation is a bigger challenge especially for a start-up, Why?

  • A startup brand is not recognised and hence value perceived from offering is not very clear or acceptable
  • A bottom end pricing policy may pose difficulties in charging higher prices later on
  • A bottom end pricing gives an impression on cheaper or lower end offering

So how does a start-up keep the pricing of its offering at a higher end, yet it may appear like a good bargain. Some are easy way to do so are listed here

  1. Make an expensive variant and place it on the side of the general offering

    This is called contrast effect the expensive offering is making the general offering looking like a bargain.For e.g, in case of a LED TV, big screen TV is advertised at very high price and normal TV at a slightly higher price than comparable TV of other brands. This gives an impression of a company in high-end technology product and normal TV screen is a bargain at this price.

    Mistake in Pricing can be really costly, it not only fails your startups offerings, but you can risk your reputation forever

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Couple of Red flowers in watercolor

A new Watercolor painting of 2 red flowers with buds and leaves in the background.  This photo was taken in front of a temple in Rajasthan, I liked it simplicity and bright red color of flowers against the dull backdrop of sun shade. This was made in 300 GSM watercolor paper size 9″ x 12″

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Red Flowers in watercolor on 300 GSM paper of size 9

Red Flowers in watercolor on 300 GSM paper of size 9″ x 12″

Management lessons from Mahabharta for a start-up

Management Lesson for a startup form Mahabharta

Management Lesson for a startup form Mahabharta

1. Never takes vows or make promise before understanding the effect on future (Bhishma took vow and consequences were felt all through the coming generations)

This is very true in real life for a start-up. There is a tendency to over promise to its investors or it customers by the founders to move forward quickly. Founders should first understand the capacity and capability of the organisation and take the appropriate risks that they feel confident to deliver. They should also understand the impact of the vow on the operations and strategy of the organisation and on its future course. Sometime founder raise funds promising the growth or technology that has inherent limitations leading to tussle in future

2. Don’t be disrespectful to others (Draupadi was, towards Duryodhana, Continue reading